Hello and welcome! I’m Mel, an accountant based in the City of London who has swerved into this wine game and is WSET Level 2 qualified. I’ve started this blog to chart my journey into understanding wine through courses, reading, and of course, drinking (sensibly, and in moderation – let’s just get that out of the way).

Outside of financial and vinous matters, I also love cooking (and have a collection of cookbooks to attest to it), yoga and spinning. The latter two come in handy when you have a healthy appetite for food and drink. Favourite writers and chefs include Rachel Roddy, Felicity Cloake, Ruby Tandoh, M.F.K. Fisher, Nigel Slater, Simon Hopkinson, Victoria Moore, Marissa Ross and the Roux family.

The name is meant to reflect the question that always seems to arise around the table. Whether gathered with friends, approached by the waiter, or just when preparing a meal, someone’s bound to ask – “So, what are we drinking tonight?”. Hopefully this inspires something!


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