That Was The Week That Was

This past week will go down as a pretty mixed one. After leaving the beautiful city of Vienna on Monday afternoon, I returned home to news of a persistent pipe leak which, in summary, has been a Right Ballache to fix properly.

Dripping overflows and faulty ballcocks aside, the week in wine was actually pretty decent. While our Viennese whirl was punctuated by the discovery of €1 local beers and ham sandwiches than savouring varied Reislings, our trip to a traditional beisl (tavern) meant sampling some delicious lamb, goulash and blaufrankisch –  a viscous, purple wine which was reminiscent of a recent Malbec, all warm dark fruits and soft tannins.

The aforementioned water issue put a  – pun intended – dampener on the reminiscence of the holiday. It does however, mean working from home, being productive, and legitimately logging off at 6pm. The stress means that a glass of wine in the evenings has been Highly Necessary. It also means that any tasting notes have been Extremely Sparse. So, in lieu of the usual format, here’s the sampling this week:

  • Blaufrankisch, Reumann (date unknown, but tasted fairly recent – within the last three-four years) – super drinkable, similar to a soft Argentinian Malbec, and paired perfectly with lamb cutlets and ratatouille.
  • Rotwein – Blauer Zweigelt – perfectly drinkable, a little peppery but not very fruit-forward. Not one that requires much concentration after one hour of your first opera (Die Walkure…).
  • Casillero del Diablo, Sauvignon Blanc – a supermarket favourite that was actually a week old, carefully Vacuvined in the fridge. All gooseberries, slightly peachy and very citrusy. Some might say it’s a cliché but hey – it’s reasonably priced and you don’t feel bad for popping a splash in the food while cooking.
  • Elderton Barossa 2014 – from the Berry Brothers March Napoleon Case (full tasting to come soon…). This was a slightly spicy, umami-esque wine with dark fruits. I don’t drink an awful lot of Australian wines, but this was beautifully ripe and comforting. I imagine it would have worked wonderfully with the lamb cutlets and vegetables.

Still, it’s officially Avengers: Infinity War day tomorrow – so that can only improve the outlook for the week (even if the hot water remains off).




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