Malbec, BM (before malady)

Slim pickins on the blog recently. After being struck down with an unpleasant stomach bug since the middle of last week, my appetite has been reduced to toast and lettuce, which might become the name of my future diet book. This has also had a detrimental effect on cracking through the wine rack, having no taste for opening a bottle at all. It’s crap.

One thing about reintroducing yourself to normal food is how incredible everything tastes. All those crackers really cleanse the palate. Even the most boring item on paper – a cucumber, a slice of tomato – that under normal circumstances would be discarded, tastes like an explosion of goodness and flavour. Makes you think just how lucky you are to be in a position to enjoy so much.

So, what are we drinking?

Well before subsisting on fifteen shades of beige, I enjoyed a glass or two of Berry Brothers Own Selection Argentinian Malbec 2016 (£10 as at 21 March 2018).

A beautiful pink and purple colour, black cherry and blackberry flavours emanate from the glass even on pouring. And in tasting, a cascade of blueberries and warm caster sugar, and super ripe plums. In the unusually variable temperatures of March, this is the liquid fruit crumble you need. It’s not a very heavy Malbec, there is a light acidity that gives it a freshness without the tartness. Smooth and mellow tannins mean this is a wine to drink now – no ageing required.

And what are we eating?

We enjoyed a lamb tagine alongside this, however a slowly simmered spag bol would accompany it perfectly. This is not a wine that needs its flavours intricately scrutinised – so why not keep the food just as simple and delicious?

Hopefully, normal service will resume next week.

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