A Taste of Burgundy

Bourgogne Rouge Maison Dieu, Domaine de Bellene 2014

Available from BBR.com

A brief tasting note to liven up a Wednesday evening.  I rarely drink white / rosé outside of the high summer months (those three days in July we get in London sometimes), so unfortunately those looking for light pinot grigios and sauv blancs should come back in a few months. (Wait! Er… not really!).

This red Burgundy was picked up from Berry Brothers & Rudd (preferred wine merchant of this blog… i.e., I’m in the wine club there so get a discount) in my quest to experience wines beyond my usual purchasing spectrum. There’s also a sale on until 28 March meaning this wine is £11.55, and if there’s one thing this woman doesn’t shy away from, it’s a bargain.

To help expand my tasting notes, I’ve downloaded the WSET tasting app (Google Play / Apple Store, free) which is structured based on the Level 2 tasting framework. It’s helpful for quickly noting down a few thoughts if you’re out and about, or just want to snap a quick photo of the label. The only downside is that you can’t amend your notes once submitted, but I haven’t yet attempted to save as a draft.

So, what are we drinking?

A beautifully deep, ruby coloured 2014 Burgundy.  Medium bodied, but surprisingly powerful for it. There are flavours of  black cherry, raspberry and even cinnamon on the swirl and sniff, but when tasting there’s a combination of tannin and yet an acidity, a minerality almost, that makes the finish lovely and long. This is one to savour and – if you can wait that long – let it breathe. It’s recommended as a wine to lay down, but even now it was delicious to drink. As the evening progressed, some of the pronounced kirsch flavours tempered a little. There’s still that distinctive red and black fruit, but the intensity makes me think of this wine as one to crack open during a snowy weekend ensconced in the house, avoiding the world outside. Or an uneventful Wednesday, either works just fine.

And what are we eating?

Really, this drinks very nicely on its own, but the power and the acidity means that it could stand up to some rich tomato-based or meaty pasta dishes. Anything with a savoury flavour really – I did write down something along the lines of parmesan shortbreads, or Twiglets if you’ve dropped in from 1996.* Guess I’ll just have to pick up another bottle and try it out…


*I’d like the record to reflect that I recently had a Twiglet for the first time in 20 years, and it was surprisingly delicious.


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